Lopamudra Mishra, is a budding contemporary writer.
Lopamudra Mishra, an emerging writer and poet from Orissa. Her writings are versatile and soft. She writes in simple language to touch the hearts .The mellifluous flow in her writings indicates the profundity. She completed her schooling from St.marys school,Sundargarh,graduation from Shailabala women’s college ,Cuttack and post-graduation(English) from Ravenshaw university,Cuttack.
Writing is her passion.From her childhood she penned stories and poetries in both oriya and English languages. She enjoys observing and analyzing the day to day activities and then filling the incidents with her color.Her positive approach towards life is very well visible in her writings.She believes Poetry is to release the emotion and the words expressed here should touch the million.
She is the publisher of three poetry books.
1.Rhyme of Rain(march-2017)
2.First Rain(August-2017)
3.Tingling Parables(May-2018)
The first book Ryme of Rain (2017) comprises of varieties of subject.First Rain (2017) is a collection of love poems ,Third book Tingling Parables is a collection of sense and sensibility .A collection of soft tender feelings, Sweet bumps ,desire and emotional crunches .she is flexible in changing and adopting the style of writing .Her philosophy of life is to cherish those sweet moments and live in it .This feature is remarkable in her poems. Wit in the simple and short lines she paints the emotion brilliantly.

Her blog is- lopamudramishra.blogspot.com .

With the blessings of the Almighty I am presenting my third book of my scribbling  ”TINGLING PARABLES”. Tingling sounds bit rhythmic isn’t it .Yes! I agree with all of you. For me poetry is a beautiful emotion tingle in my veins.  It comes smoothly and unleashes me. Poetry gave me a reason to learn many things. Firstly, while reading and writing I saw life deeply and secondly it polished my thoughts. In between my journey of learning I learned the beauty of life .In spite of all the odds  a beautiful  desire persisted ,a desire to  lead a contented life. A wish to  dream of Eldorado. Its often said poets see so much, yes true, they live in imagination ,they believe  in emotion, to them every topic is the subject of concern. From a  dry grass to dry leaves can be a part of their imagination. After the publication of two books of poetry anthology, I can’t dare to say myself a poet, actually I am not. I started blogging, with the encouragement of my friends, I with much hesitation  approached Sudarshan Kechrry sir, whether his publication house will do a favor to publish my scribbles .His affirmation gave me a bundle of courage to bring out my previous two books “rhyme of rain”, “first rain”.  I write in simple language ,English is not my mother tongue, yet it is the universal tone. So I attempted to jot down my feelings in  this language ,with a thought it may reach to the wider zone. To me poetry breaths ,it’s a wonderful creation which touches million’s of tender emotion, it’s the parameter of deep devotion, an ultimate solution to every gender of   population. my two daughters, Shruti and Preeti  encouraged me and helped me a lot to pen down my feelings. Truly my children are my pillar of strength and I write for them.
My dad sri Bijoy Mohapatra was my constant source of inspiration .His transfer  and my constant school change in fact taught to see different criteria of a subject  in an unique manner ,the art of  adaptation. So adapting and accepting the situation lead me to think deeply .Being an introvert ,writing became my passion. I felt lonely due to dad’s transfer ,because I couldn’t able to make friends, so I choose pen as my friend with whom I chat and with whom I visit places .After marriage the same thing persisted, husband’s transfer and his busy schedule made me lonely,and here my, best friend,  pen became my company.After years of scribbling my dream took it’s shape.
Lastly I would like to thank my husband Sri Kishori Mohan Mishra, my mother Smt. Sushila Mohapatra and my dear friends those who encouraged me a lot to bring out this book. I dedicate this book to my mummy.
Mummy  you are not keeping well, this book of verse is for you, without you I would have never become me today.
Thank you.

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“Since I realised the strings of clock, Is moving very fast, When I look back ,I see myself lost in dark, A flash of thought strike me hard, How long I will play with shades, Why not give a break? Silent diary of mine and its blank pages, Started mocking at my mistakes, Then I started surfing to make some amendments, Little did I know , My path changed to view a different diameter in my route, Here you helped, my dear friends, You liked my silly scribbles, Poetry is never my fable, With your support , My scribbles , Inspired me to write RHYME OF RAIN, Here I penned my thoughts of pain and pleasure, Hope you will like it . Do encourage me in future.”

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